2011 Powell River Blues Festival

July 2, 2011

The Blues Festival weekend ran smoothly and now i have the enviable task of sorting, capturing and editing some 50+ hours of video from the DV cassettes. Boris the Sound Guy let me plug into his main so i have sound all in one envelope if i want to use that. The fixed mini cam seems to have captured good quality sound though. We shall see. Or hear as the case may be.

The hard part is going to be fixing all this together into one single piece.

I watched some of the movie called The Last Waltz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Waltz which was a over produced film by Martin Scorsese It is my hope that the final product of Powell River Blues Festival will be at least that good. There is no reason why it should not be because i can post a disclaimer that states I have not ingested any form of legal or illegal mind altering substances during the making of this production. A claim i can make because i do not partake in anything outside of the coffee bean and its expressions.



February 13, 2011

Last night Ivan e Coyote http://www.ivanecoyote.com/ performed at the Max Cameron Theatre. Shaw TV asked me to drop in and shoot some video of her and she was in agreement so I got to shoot Ivan’s entire performance.

It turned out decently. I would have liked better sound quality on the completed DVD  and next time I will use a remote mic or digital recorder. The Theatre has good sound possibilities, yet last night those possibilities were not taken advantage of in their fullest possible way.

Today we will complete a Story Telling Workshop. The last two hour session of three. Ivan is trying to impart as much of her story telling skills unto us as she can in the given time.

I grew up watching shorts made by the NFB people who tried to capture as much as they could. Painful those movies were to look at and be a part of. Long involved hours of filming and even more so of editing. Over the Steenbeck http://www.steenbeck.com/3-2.html. The results, of which, you can judge for yourself by going to any NFB office and watching.

This is why I think it important to capture these artists on video. Very often it becomes part of the only record. and if I hold that record then I can develop it into something.

Even if it is only something for their own personal archive, that is good enough result for me.

And of this sort of work there is much to do .




Ya About that Header Pic

December 20, 2010

Until December 14 2009 we had that vanagon. A 1989  T25 5Speed Turbo Diesel  California Model.

On that night we hit a patch of ice in Wamsutter Wyoming and that was the end of that.

The vanagon did eveerything it was supposed to do to protect us in a violent roll over. We had seat belts on and we were right where we were supposed to be when the violence came to an end.

Much video will follow as soon as i figure out how to up load it or link to it or what ever it takes to make it work here.  I used to post on Revver but that seems to have gone the way of WordStar. Oh Well.




Getting the Intricacies of LiveType Figured

December 19, 2010

After wrestling with LiveType for most of the last 49 hours i have finally figured out the problem, and it was staring me strait in the face all along.

The program kept collapsing just short of 10 000 frames rendered.

I reset the preferences and shut off computer and did all that stuff … all to no avail and of course the failure coming after 9k+ frames takes nearly an hour or more to discover.

I thought after a few hours sleep what would work is to break the 19 minutes of LiveType into pieces that rendered under 10K frames per piece.

Choosing the spot in between well wishers where there were empty chairs in front of the camaera.

At this very moment piece number 5 is rendering and there about two more left to go. Each of those taking about 20 – 45 minutes to render into a .mov

Success is very close as far a s a completed production is concerned


Learning about WordPress while LiveType Crunches

December 19, 2010

Much of the last 24 hours has been spent infront of the computer, and this is not an unusual scenario for anyone who owns one. I have been attempting to render a .mov  in LiveType which is a font and title generator for movies.

Each time the rendering process begins with a renewed sense of hope and ends in a fist clenching, lip biting, whistled curse.

The good news is that with each change of settings or other dynamic offerings I get closer to the end before the collapse initiates.

the total amount of frames is 46904 and the last time i was just slightly less than 50 short of 15000 frames rendered when the counter stopped. Which is always the precursor to the failure.

The first failure occurred at about 5000 frames rendered. So, progress is being made. Albeit slowly.



Reality Discovered Through My Eyes

November 27, 2009

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